06. 12. 2012

Chutney Gift Packs for the Holidays. The Tastiest Gift You’ll Ever Give.

Give the Taste of Geeta’s Kitchen for the Holidays with a Chutney Gift Pack!

Your list is long, but you’re short on original gift ideas. The Starbucks gift card screams BORING. Never fear. Geeta is busy this holiday season blending up some Indian magic. Give the gift of fresh, delicious chutney and say goodbye to boring.

Each gift pack includes two chutneys, chaat masala, and three recipes using the ingredients. First is Geeta’s signature cilantro-mint chutney, spiced with green chiles, cumin and black salt. Also included is the sweet and sour combo of tamarind-date chutney. Finally there is what Geeta affectionately refers to as ‘crack powder’, or chaat masala. This spice mixture will turn any dish into heaven. With Geeta’s chutneys, you’ll have the flavor of India.

$10 delivery in DC on orders of 5 or more gift packs

Two recipes for chutney melts transform grilled cheese into a gourmet meal. The chana chaat recipe is for the famous Indian street food that requires two chutneys and chaat masala to make. But chaat is only as good as the chutney you use. With the chutney gift pack, you have all the secret ingredients to turn your kitchen into a street corner in Bombay.



1. Email Geeta to place your order.

2. Cost is $20 per gift pack. Pay via PayPal or cash when picking up.

3. Schedule a day to pick up your order between Friday, December 14 and Monday, December 24.

($10 delivery available in DC for orders of 5 or more)

4. Happy Holidays!





  • Btmarylandlady21

    The brunch we registered for was cancelled 1 1/2 hours before the event. We kept checking our email the night before as instructed, but instructions never came. 2 hours before the event I emailed Geeta to see what was going on. 30 mins later I got a response. There was no consideration for the fact that some people paid for childcare or were trying to arrange pick ups for others. We were dressed and waiting for some word. it makes no sense given that they had our phone numbers. I was very disappointed.

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