It’s time to go home, and that means Sweet Home, Chicago!  When asked about my roots, I always say, ‘The skin is from India and the accent is from Chicago.’  Now Mama Geeta and I will be cooking in her kitchen (which means I’ve just been demoted to sous-chef) and hosting in homes around Chicago every other month.  Hush is still alive and well in Washington, DC.  But it’s time to bring the love back home.

Chicago Hosts

Do you have space for 12 people in your home, and enough seats, plates, forks, napkins and wine glasses to keep them properly occupied for the evening?  Then email Geeta to get the party started! We bring the food, server and stories. You provide the venue and guests. Contact Geeta for rates.

We Provide

Geeta will bring 5 courses of Indian delights to your home.  Here’s a list of what you can expect from us.

1.  5 course meal

2.  Professional server

3.  Dishwasher

4.  Serving plates

5.  A storytelling time complete with a Spice Tour and tastings

You Provide

Please write to Hush with the following details. Email Geeta for a spreadsheet with the complete questionnaire.

1.  How many people can you fit in your home?

2.  How many chairs, tables and place settings do you have?

3.  Please send a few photos of the space.

4.  Is there parking in front of your home?  We will have lots of goodies to unload!

5.  Do you have a dishwashing machine?

Email Geeta:  geeta (at) hushsupperclub (dot) com

Hush Supper Dates

December 5, 12 & 13 and January 17, 23 & 24

Cooking Classes

December 16 and January 11
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