• I just want to thank you again for the lovely evening we shared last night. If there were a taste version of eye-opening, that would be the phrase I would describe the food as. I'll admit that I came expecting - though keeping my mind as open as possible - the 'tex mex' indian flavor, and left with not only a full stomach and intoxicated disposition, but an expanded and refined personal definition of the breadth of flavor for "Indian cuisine." As one might imagine based off of my beef jerky hobby, Im a big fan of meat, and don't frequently eat vegetarian solely. I was somewhat apprehensive when i realized the meal was without meat. This melted away when the first appetizer hit the table. Chaat. ohmygosh, chaat. - Bryce H.
  • Thank you for last night. What a great concept you have come up with. I love your passion for what you do. You have sparked my curiosity about many things. My desire to know more about India, the people, the food, and the religions. You have a special gift and I am so grateful to have personally experienced your incredible life force. - Peter S.

I really had a great time at the dinner. I was so happy to see the India culture represented so well. - Prashanth R.

  • I had a wonderful evening. What an interesting group! You are an amazing teacher and host. - Alice R.
  • Thank you for such an amazing dinner and for sharing your recipes and showing us how to make those superb dishes. Best dinner ever, I truly loved it and can't wait to try cooking them myself. I know my family will be impressed... You are absolutely delightful! - Christel P.

Thank you, Geeta! What a fascinating evening. I learned so much. I will think of you every time I eat carrots :-) This evening as I fixed supper (no carrots), Nirvana came on the radio and I had to smile. So many things will remind me of that evening. A short-lived immortality for you! - Judy K.