I am a lover of my mother’s kitchen. She should be the chef and restauranteuse. Scores of guests have been graced by the generosity of her spice box. In honor of her talents and teachings, I started Hush.

Since my haphazard beginnings five years ago under a mountain of snow and several cancellations during Snowpocalyspe 2010, I have hosted over 150 suppers and served almost 2,000 guests in Washington DC and all around the country. I have brought my unique mix of supper and storytelling to Miami, Chicago, New York, Santa Fe, San Francisco, and many other ports of call along the way. I need a t-shirt that says, ‘Have spice box, Will travel!’

I was raised a Jain, both at temple and table, hence my vegetarian upbringing. I was born in the city of Chicago, where my family emigrated. I studied philosophy as an undergraduate before coming to Washington, DC to study foreign affairs. I’m happy to have left office life for a spice box and my MacBook.

Outside the kitchen, I’m a writer and something of an anthropologist. I am as interested in language, music, and geography as I am in cuisine. Hush is the marriage of many loves. In Spring 2016, I will be publishing a food memoir about my travels in India called ’21 Bites’. Please come visit Hush at the supper table and follow my literary journey by signing up for my newsletter at www.21bites.com.