Hush ‘Dinner’ Mentioned on ABC’s The Chew!

24 Oct

The Chew

For those of you wondering what a Hush Dinner is, welcome to Hush Supper Club! Thanks to the delightful Carla Hall for the shout out on today’s episode of The Chew. She was a guest at the Hush Super Club in August which was a real treat for everyone.

For those of you who have already dined at Hush, let The Chew’s other chefs know how much fun dining with strangers can be. I’m happy to say I’ve been going strong for almost 4 years, always excited to meet new guests, strangers who sometimes become friends, and who always grace my home with laughter and kindness. Underground dining isn’t just a trend, it’s a delight!



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Announcing Private Events and Public Speaking by Geeta

12 Nov

Public Speaking

Want to learn more about India? Whether you are interested in food history, culture, or Indian religions, Geeta has a talk designed for your audience. Hire Geeta to speak at your next event. To learn more about Geeta’s signature talks, go to the Public Speaking page.

The signature talks are:

1. Desis 101

2. The Spice Tour

3. The Jains and the Jews

5. Religions, East and West


Private Events

Would you like the experience of Hush in your home? Whether you live in Chicago, San Francisco or Siberia, Hush will come to you. We bring the meal and stories. You provide the venue and guests.

Geeta has hosted Hush in homes across the country, from Brooklyn to Berkeley. She can fly in for an evening, or a weekend to provide a luxurious 5 course meal for you and your guests. All suppers include a guided tour of Geeta’s spice box and the story of the Jains.

Weekend events include a private cooking lesson with you and up to 7 others.  Want to learn how to recreate a Hush meal? What is masala, chai and chutney? Geeta will teach you the basics skills and vocabulary. She will also stock your pantry with the essential spices needed to cook like an Indian.

Please contact Geeta for rates.  geeta (at) hushsupperclub (dot) com

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Hush Featured in the New York Times!

20 Jan



Extra, extra, read all about it! Want to know what a supper at Hush is like? The lovely Sarah Khan spent an evening at Hush and wrote a piece that I hope to be worthy of. Read all about it HERE.

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Give the Gift of Hush this Holiday Season!

6 Dec


Give the Gift of Hush!

Want to give something unique, spicy, and unforgettable? Nothing says cool like seats at Hush Supper Club. Give the gift of Hush. Their taste buds will thank you!

Hush gift certificates available for one supper guest, a couple, or the whole family.

Email Geeta to purchase your gift certificates

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Chutney Gift Packs for the Holidays. The Tastiest Gift You’ll Ever Give.

6 Dec

Give the Taste of Geeta’s Kitchen for the Holidays with a Chutney Gift Pack!

Your list is long, but you’re short on original gift ideas. The Starbucks gift card screams BORING. Never fear. Geeta is busy this holiday season blending up some Indian magic. Give the gift of fresh, delicious chutney and say goodbye to boring.

Each gift pack includes two chutneys, chaat masala, and three recipes using the ingredients. First is Geeta’s signature cilantro-mint chutney, spiced with green chiles, cumin and black salt. Also included is the sweet and sour combo of tamarind-date chutney. Finally there is what Geeta affectionately refers to as ‘crack powder’, or chaat masala. This spice mixture will turn any dish into heaven. With Geeta’s chutneys, you’ll have the flavor of India.

$10 delivery in DC on orders of 5 or more gift packs

Two recipes for chutney melts transform grilled cheese into a gourmet meal. The chana chaat recipe is for the famous Indian street food that requires two chutneys and chaat masala to make. But chaat is only as good as the chutney you use. With the chutney gift pack, you have all the secret ingredients to turn your kitchen into a street corner in Bombay.



1. Email Geeta to place your order.

2. Cost is $20 per gift pack. Pay via PayPal or cash when picking up.

3. Schedule a day to pick up your order between Friday, December 14 and Monday, December 24.

($10 delivery available in DC for orders of 5 or more)

4. Happy Holidays!





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Why is Santa Fe THE place to dine this August?

6 Aug

Because Hush will be there, silly! Hush is going on the road again, this time all the way to the high desert mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Geeta will be hosting a supper on August 18 at 7 pm in a gorgeous adobe home in the mountains with a view that extends for miles. Come have cocktails on the terrace and dine in splendor. This is a supper not to be missed. Click here to make a reservation.

Santa Fe guests, would you like to learn how to cook the dishes Geeta will be serving up? Then join us on August 20 and 21 for Hush cooking lessons. The menu will include Geeta’s famous minty mango lassis and spicy corn with coconut and green chiles. Makes your mouth water? Then reserve a spot!



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Announcing Hush Brunch!

2 Feb


In response to the oft asked question, ‘What do Indians eat for breakfast?‘, I’ve decided to answer with a new menu and format at the inaugural Hush Brunch. I will be serving a feast of numerous breakfast, lunch and street food dishes from India, mainly from the western state of Gujarat. Gujarat is famous for chaat, a wildly popular type of street food. These dishes are rarely found in Indian restaurants. Also, it wouldn’t be brunch without bottomless masala chai. If you’d like a stronger beverage, Hush Brunch is BYOC = Bring Your Own Champagne. Hush supplies the orange juice, you supply the champagne for mimosas.

It wouldn’t be brunch without bottomless masala chai. If you’d like a stronger beverage, Hush Brunch is BYOC = Bring Your Own Champagne.

In keeping with the storytelling tradition of Hush Supper Club, I will share the strange tale of how tea first came to India (hint, it was not thousands, or even hundreds, of years ago) as well as the history of street food in India, complete with chutney tastings, photographs and spice mixtures.

 I will share the strange tale of how tea first came to India (hint, it was not thousands, or even hundreds, of years ago)

Upcoming Supper Dates: February 3, 4, 17 and 24 (7 pm – 11:30 or later)

Upcoming Brunch Dates: February 12, 19 and 26 (Noon – 3 pm)

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Come Celebrate Hush’s 50th Supper!

7 Nov

An idea born on a dark and stormy night has survived against all odds, or despite the fact that Mama Geeta insists that I didn’t know how to cook when I started Hush! Nonetheless, this Saturday, November 11 will be the 50th evening of Hush Supper Club. I am more in love with Hush now than I was on that first supper night (partly because my cooking skills now meet Mama Geeta’s approval). How shall we celebrate? With champagne bubbles of course! I will prepare saffron-infused dessertsa fragrant delight called paan, and share stories of Hush suppers past. This is a supper not to be missed! Reserve HERE.

If you can’t join us this Saturday, upcoming supper dates are November 18, 19 and December 2, 3. Reserve a seat now!

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What Would You Do with $22 Billion Worth of Gold in Your Basement?

30 Oct

Can’t imagine billions of dollars in gold and gems lying around your basement, next to the broken treadmill and old golf balls? Well, like so many stories about the subcontinent, this one falls in the category Only in India. In the southern state of Kerala, one Hindu temple is asking just that question after finding $22 billion in gold and jewels in a vault that hadn’t been opened in 150 years. But there is a spicy twist to this oh so Indian tale. What paid for all those jewels? Pepper. Read all the details from Vikas Bajaj of The New York Times here.

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Honoring the Legendary Jagjit Singh

20 Oct

There is no love song as sweet or sad as a ghazal, and no one who sang those lyrics more sweetly or sadly than the great maestro Jagjit Singh. India and the world lost a legend last week when he passed away. His voice is now at peace, but the music remains. Everyone who heard him has a favorite. Without question mine is Tum Itna Jo. Watch the video below to hear it. Enjoy!

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